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My new studio space is a sanctuary for the practice of yoga, holistic physical therapy and other body, mind and healing arts serving Long Island and the tri-state areas. I am especially dedicated to the study and practice of Alignment based yoga systems and offer a variety of classes for all levels, workshops in Anatomy for Yoga and more, retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings. I love and celebrate truth in all its forms.

I welcome all students from beginners to yoga instructors seeking to deepen their knowledge and enhance their lives through the practices of yoga. I hope you will come learn, share and practice with me.

  •  September Yoga News

The Meditation Journey:
"Meditation is a universal 'Yes' to everything." - Francis Lucille

As dedicated yoga practitioners we love the asana practice. What we may or may not know is that it is only one very small part of the yoga path.
As many believe, without a meditation practice the benefits of yoga cannot take hold and bear fruit.
Not all meditation techniques are the same.
Probably all spiritual traditions offer some type of meditation practice.
Finding the meditation practice that is most effective for you can be a journey.
Using different methods can be very helpful to have in your meditation tool box.
Each type of meditation technique has its own benefits and effects. Getting good at the methods however, is not the goal but rather they are just techniques that point you in the direction of your true state of being.
Ultimately you want to practice to lead you to the "Ultimate Prayer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI-_pxJGkFQ The true goal of meditation and yoga is to discover who you really are.
When I ask the ultimate Self-Inquiry question, "Who am I?"
The words that resonate powerfully for me are, I am Infinite Aware Being!!!
In this issue, I will begin to share monthly techniques for you to practice and enjoy. (see below!)
I hope you will take on this incredible meditation journey!

One weekend per month for 13 months
Learn how to Align Body & Mind with the Essentials

  •  Ashtanga Yoga Semi-Private Yoga Classes
     Intermediate Level

3 Mondays, September 10, 17 and 24 – 6:30-7:45pm
Contact Lorraine to register and for fee information.

  •  Lorraine's Offerings:
    Held at Glenwood Life Center, 71 Grove Street, Glenwood Landing NY 11547 – See Google Map for directions.

    Are you looking to work on your handstand or triangle pose?
    One on one sessions are the ideal way to receive the full individual attention and assistance to help refine your practice. Explore specific areas of interest such as alignment, flexibility, strength, meditation, pranayama. For all levels of ability: Beginning students will learn the basics and gain confidence to join a group class. Intermediate and advanced students will bring their practice to a higher level of skill and understanding. Semi-private sessions are offered as well, to share your time with your partner or friend.
    Consider as well, private sessions GIFT CERTIFICATE for someone you care about.
    Are you dealing with an injury or condition that would benefit from hands-on physical therapy combined with yoga rehabilitation?
    A specialized session combining yoga therapeutics and a variety of physical therapy techniques as needed including: myofascial release, joint mobilization, range of motion and massage. Appropriate yoga practices as well as physical therapy exercises may be prescribed for rehabilitation of specific injuries and conditions.

    3 Tuesdays, September 11, 18 and 25 – 11:45am-12:45pm
    By donation, 50% goes to the charities of the month. ALL WELCOME!


If you have not already established a daily sitting meditation practice, now is perfect time to begin. Meditation is really at the heart of the Yoga practice and journey!
Ideally I would recommend that you start with a 30 minute session. It takes time to settle in to being still and quiet and so the 30 minutes can allow for that shift to happen.
If you have been meditating for a while, and not already doing so, I would recommend that you increase your silent meditation session to 1 hour. One hour may initially seem like a long time, but if you think about it, it is actually a relatively short time to take out of your day.
I have been doing that for a while now and have found it to be extremely powerful and helpful in creating shifts in your state of well-being.

  1. Establish your meditation area . Create a sacred space for you with an altar . An altar can be as simple as a table with a candle or more elaborate altars can be beautifully created.
  2. Make sure that you find the sitting position that is the most comfortable for you. There are many types of meditation cushions as well as Seiza benches that can be used. Sitting in a chair is fine as well. I like to have a blanket on my lap to support my hands. Your seated position should be the balance of just enough effort to sit up well with your spine straight, shoulders back so that your heart area is open and your hands in whatever mudra feels right for you. Balance this gentle mindful effort with ease.(more specifics on this on my website soon!) Sitting up straight keeps the mind alert and the energy of your body flowing.
  3. BASIC MEDITATION TECHNIQUE # 1: This is a very basic but powerful meditation technique to begin to focus your attention and begin the journey of getting quiet, still, peaceful and relaxed. For the first 30 minutes, simply be aware of and watch your breath. Pay attention to your breath at the tips of the nostrils and the inside of the nose not your belly, lungs, or anywhere else. Become intimate with the movement and sensations of your breath simply observing it without controlling it in any way. This is not pranayama practice! The practice includes noticing when the mind gets distracted and wanders off. Simply catch it and bring it back to the focus on the breath. It is actually quite normal to have drifting thoughts. Increasingly let thoughts, emotions, and sensations simply come and go, without pulling you in or more deeply affecting you. Most importantly allow yourself to relax into your experience without judgement. Just like Asana this is a PRACTICE!
  4. BASIC MEDITATION TECHNIQUE # 2 : I find this technique to be very powerful in increasing awareness. You can practice this as a seperate 30 minute or 1 hour technique or add it on to the first technique for an additional 30 minutes.
    Practice noticing the breath more specifically. Very simply note to yourself silently when the inhale ends and then when the exhale ends. Follow the tips from the previous instruction.

ENJOY YOUR MEDITATION JOURNEY. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Consider joining our meditation circle on Tuesdays 11:45-12:45pm.

September 8 in Long Beach for THE CLIMATE CHANGE MARCH.
See details and Learn more about this World Event.
THE TIME IS NOW !!! Be the change you want to see.