Yoga Flow Studio


These fees apply for Lorraine's classes only.

Drop in class
Meditation class
5 classes
10 classes
20 classes
$95 (3 months expiration)
$180 (4 months expiration)
$340 (6 months expiration)
PT/Yoga Therapy Initial Evaluation
PT/Yoga Therapy Additional Visit
1-on-1 Private Yoga (1 hour)
Semi Private (1 hour)

add $10 per additional person
Gift Certificates available for drop-in, private and series of classes!

Policies and Guidelines

  • Class Series must be used up within the allotted time from date of first use.
  • Cash and checks only
  • All regular class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • No fragrances please
  • Please turn off cell phones and beepers
  • Please practice with barefeet, empty stomach, comfortable yogawear
  • Yoga mats and are available for borrow, $1 per mat.
  • Your Yoga mat is sacred space... Having your own mat is a statement of
    commitment to a regular yoga practice.
  • The beginning of yoga practice is important. It sets the tone for your experience.
    Be a good Yogi. Be on time!