Yoga Flow Studio

In the Spirit of Fire
Yoga and Ceremony Solstice Retreat

June 19-22, 2014

at Menla Mountain Retreat Center, Catskill Mountains, NY

Yoga Retreat Description
Join Lorraine and Diana as they present and perform Yoga & Ceremony during the Summer Solstice weekend in the powerfully spiritual and healing Catskill mountains. Lorraine and Diana will combine their exceptional skills in guiding all different levels of Yoga Flow and Restorative Yoga Flow classes. During this long weekend - Meditation, Pranayama and Kirtan will be blended with Native American Chanting, Morning Tobacco prayers and Sweat Lodge Ceremony. We will explore the ancient lifestyles of the native americans. Here we will connect to Mother Earth, nature and the world around us. Join us on this special summer solstice weekend and learn to live a life in harmony with Nature. We have the distinct pleasure of Peter Blum "Owl Flies True" to lead us in the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, and Shyama to lead us in Kirtan and Chanting.

Lorraine will share her yoga teachings with the powerful Therapeutic Principles of Alignment based on the Anusara and Iyengar methods; and Slow Flow in full spectrum which will include Levels 1, 2 and 3. Get stronger and gain flexibility. Feel the "Fire" within. Lorraine's classes are not designed for beginners. Diana will share her KaliRay TriYoga Basic teachings which include relaxation-in-action. These basic beginner classes will present a healing and restful aspect. The restorative yoga practices are designed for everyone. Using props, an economy of words, flowing movements and pranayama the student will let go, come into the moment and experience deep relaxation.

This is an all-inclusive residential retreat.


Thursday, June 19th
4:00 - 6:00pm Arrival and Check-In
6:00 - 7:15pm Dinner & Orientation
7:45 - 9:00pm Opening Ceremony

Friday, June 20th
7:00 - 8:00am Silent Breakfast
8:15 - 9:15 Beginners Yoga
9:30 - 11:30am Tobacco Ceremony & Morning Yoga
12:00 - 1:15pm Lunch
1:30 - 4:00pm Break (great for hiking, using the spa or resting)
4:00 - 5:30pm Afternoon Restorative Yoga Flow
6:00 - 7:15pm Dinner
7:45 - 9:00pm Evening Kirtan with Shyama and drummer

Saturday June 21st
7:00 - 8:00am Breakfast
8:15 - 9:15 Beginners Yoga
9:30 - 11:30am Tobacco Ceremony & Morning Yoga
2:00 - 1:15pm Lunch
1:30 - 4:00pm Afternoon Break
4:00 - 5:30pm Afternoon Restorative Yoga Flow
6:00 - 7:15pm Dinner
7:45 Evening Sweat Lodge with Peter Blum "Owl Flies True"

Sunday, June 22nd
7:00 - 8:00am Breakfast
9:15 - 11:30am Morning Yoga, Tobacco Ceremony and Closing Ceremony
11:45 - 12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Depart


Diana RossDIANA ROSS, E-RYT500, Certified TriYoga teacher since 1997 and co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga since 2010 started her yoga journey in 1969 and has deepened it throughout the years; studying with many yoga masters. Her primary long time teacher or sat guru is Yogini KaliRay. She has studied extensively with Kaliji on the art and science of yoga flow. Diana has also traveled with Kaliji all over India to further deepen her practice and understanding of yoga teachings. Currently as the co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga she shares a therapeutic beginners and restorative yoga practice with women in recovery as well as those dealing with other illnesses and injuries. Another passion for Diana is her love of native american plants. As an experienced herbalist of Native American plants since 1994, she shares her knowledge of the healing properties of plants through her website, authority blog and directly with her students.

Lorraine AguilarLORRAINE AGUILAR , PT, ERYT 500 is the director/founder of Yoga Flow Studio in Glen Head, N.Y. where she has a successful private practice and offers alignment centered yoga classes, Teacher trainings and workshops in Anatomy for yoga. She has been a practicing Physical Therapist since 1991 and loves weaving together her expertise in yoga therapeutics and orthopedic manual therapy. Lorraine has been dedicated to the art of teaching yoga since 1995 and was an Anusara Inspired teacher for 13 yrs. She currently studies at the Iyengar institute in NYC.

Lorraine loves Truth and Spirit in all it's forms and is especially inspired by Nature and the teachings of the Buddha and Adyashanti. Her love for creating meaningful ceremony and ritual and her deep respect for indigenous wisdom led her to study Native American and Women's Ways with Deep Arrow Woman of Moonfire Meeting House, and participate in ceremonies and rituals with indigenous elders from around the world. .She currently studies Buddhist psychology with Dr. Miles Neale of the Nalanda Institute in NYC. These teachings inform her classes and inspire her life.